Of The Love That Would’ve Been

I look for truth in your eyes Measure the depth of your heart I seek the wisdom from your lips I desire the tenderness of your flesh To feel the firmness of your touch And dream of the love that would’ve been.       Playlist: Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ_Nf7yGxbc


Unfinished verses: The story of my life (…or Muddled Thoughts)

1. I want to say something I know not what. And when and where Is but a dream about a dream: To stand before the crowd To look into your eyes To speak to her heart I want to, I dream…   2. I walk a lonesome spirit Always void of myself Catching the voice … Continue reading Unfinished verses: The story of my life (…or Muddled Thoughts)

When Shit Hit the Fun

When the ceiling broke and the pipes burst and the shit leaked and the fan whirled, and the music stopped and the dance stopped then the party… Everyone for themselves They scattered lamenting accusing Not praising Forgetting. The past: Dark moments recurring No more: “Romeos and Juliets” Angels: brilliance lost… As the smell begins to … Continue reading When Shit Hit the Fun


  She's always following me, where-ever I go Holding my shirt, when-ever I walk She is always there, like a nagging wife Beautiful though she is: She's always capturing my attention. Always whispering in my ear Reminding me of the dark trodden paths The hard falls in the past Gossiping about the so and so … Continue reading Tiredness

Battle of gods

A battle of gods I’m caught between As a member of me In debt I owe And the other of twain The globe I probe    

Body and Soul

A scarlet robe My soul enshroud As peaceful mourn The judgment ‘bout The works and thoughts My body caused   Till death does come We remain a knot In good and fault Aside we walk And rise on fall Upon the gore   Then shall we De-parted be As ‘dust to dust’ Must come to … Continue reading Body and Soul

Night’s Pilgrim

I walk alone, beneath the dark Wishing still, that no one sees The darker portrayal, inside of me.


I am a screw. Thread of misfortune aligns me. On movement down I go. Against the hard course of life, I penetrate. The friction around me flares me up. Round and round is my movement: drunken dizziness engulfs me. Forward I move, On a vertical plane. Towards my own deathbed, I live, Screwed!

Knowing You 1

I do not need to know the sun, for it to shine my way. To know whence it rises and where it sets. What gases burn, to cause its flame. All I know is that You light up my day, that I have to constantly seek you, to find my warmth. With that, sunshine, I … Continue reading Knowing You 1


Life is a step we step and fall, and stand and mess, and confess. A path we take, defined or define. Destiny revealed We shape and seek. Every day we begin we choose we plan we tread along a course so coarse Yet determined to smile to be brave and ask for forgiveness and ask … Continue reading Life