It’s Been a While

{While /(h)wail/ noun 1. a period of time}
It’s been a while,
And yet here we are,
It’s been a while,
Yet “we still…”
We still…
yeah, but not like the first time
Four years of…and eight
of Great Friendship
Love nurturing,
And despite the impatience,
the anxiety is not for the while its been
but for the while we look forward to
And so it’s been a beautiful while:
and not in the “so far so good” kinda way
but in the “worth every bit of the while”
kind of way
But this little outpouring of thought
is not about the while we’ve been
and the beauty of it…
That keeps growing to be larger than words
– can express
which is why for a while I have dared not…
So now I write because I thought,

“its been a while…

…before I wrote you a poem!”

“Still” by Tamia

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