Wandering Mara

1. Get a very sharp knife.
2. And a lemon.
3. Slice the lemon with the sharp knife.
4. Take the piece of lemon that you’ve sliced with the sharp knife.
5. Lick it continuously.
6. Go to the refrigerator.
7. Open it and stare inside then close it.
8. Sigh…loudly.
9. Stare into space.
10. Browse on ideas to kill boredom.
11. You’ll be surprised at how many suggestions there are.
12. You’re not surprised at how little they apply to someone in Kenya.
13. That keeps you occupied for a bit.
14. You browse for recipes and find one for stew.
15. You don’t have all the fancy ingredients indicated but you make stew anyway.
16. It’s good stew.
17. Great stew.
18. Sigh…loudly.
19. Practise kissing on the back of your hand.
20. Stop before someone catches you.
21. Trim your nails.
22. You notice your goodlooking…

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