Man’s Wisdom

In the beginning

Was the word

And the word was earth

And the earth was with man                               

Whose creative force

Sought for meaning.

Man planted on the earth

Crops and buildings

He grew them

Machine and animals

He fed

And dug deep the earth

As he multiplied

Still searching for meaning.

Numbers and chemistry

He equated

Sun and stars

He studied

More algorithms

Quantum physics

And meaning,

Never been more elusive!

Demographics became a scare

Mind over matter

A necessity.

Body language, today’s convention

Money and power

To control the rest.

Politics, education

Sex, cuisine-

Social dynamics.

Clogged minds

Frozen hearts



Man’s wisdom

Let there be.


7 thoughts on “Man’s Wisdom

  1. adurnablue says:

    I read the title and thought ……there’s no such thing. but I see where you’re getting at. Personally though, I believe humans are thick. The human condition is grave and lacking. Wisdom is nothing to us but a thought HE has lent us; a mere flick of a dark veil, and swift glints of white light. And in the spaces between, we seek to find ourselves. Proverbs, I think, says. A fool hath no use for wisdom save that he may find himself. this I belive is true.

    • Blank Canvas says:

      Thick?? Really?! I look at your words here, and in reading your pieces (poetry, blog), you are one filled with wisdom… and both the wisdom and the voice, the words…to transmit it (a rare gift, blessing, if i may. and awesome!). But, I see where you’re getting at. The “poem” is indeed more of a sarcastic attempt at the things and deeds we (humans) consider wise… so basically we agree, your thoughts, comment, and I.

      And yes, ONLY IN GOD are we wise.

  2. Bumba says:

    Mythologically and historically speaking: If in the beginning the word was earth, then Woman was the earth. Man, and his conquering of Nature came at a later date.

    • Blank Canvas says:

      Very interesting thought:-)… Though am curious as to your premise. For the sake of ‘argument’, I beg to differ. I believe, historically and mythologically (from sources that have informed, and continue to inform us, namely: stories and tradition…) that man came first, even with his conquering of nature – and woman came later, perhaps to be company, but as well to temper as well as bring order to man’s conquering nature (which, left on its own tends to destruction).

      • Bumba says:

        The female goddess pre-dates the male gods in the archeological record. The female goddess/mother earth apparently was dominant in the near east before Zeus and the Hebrew/Christian/Muslim monotheistic gods. Cultures back then tended to incorporate new gods and practices into their own over time, so you wind up with a mix.

    • Blank Canvas says:

      However, my usage of Man in this poem is not intended to have gender connotations, but rather i respectfully use it (limited in that regard, as it may be) to represent general tendencies in Humanity, from my point of view.

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