Unfinished verses: The story of my life (…or Muddled Thoughts)


I want to say something

I know not what.

And when and where

Is but a dream about a dream:

To stand before the crowd

To look into your eyes

To speak to her heart

I want to, I dream…



I walk a lonesome spirit

Always void of myself

Catching the voice that’s speaking

In some old ballad song

Telling of a love story

Of a heart torn apart

And of dreams caught by the wake

Telling of myself…



I “listen” to the bright shining of the stars

“Look” at the silent whisper of the wind

I “reminisce” the times yet to come

“Misunderstand” what I haven’t known.

Stop! Rewind and rewrite

This story of my life

Lived within the margin of error,

The horror: to begin and to begin again…



The crowd is now listening

Trying to understand,

Come to grips with my mind.

A tasking call, that is!

Feeding you with me:

My role in society…

Now you muse, you fret then clap

As you pretend to understand…



My mind stands still

In the midst of all reality

But lost it is in its fantasy.

I think and cry

About the past,

The present, and future coming through

Trying to get hold of meaning

That is lost within my dealing…



The devil stands by my side

The groom in black

And I the bride.

We walk by the easy way

Down the broad red aisle

To the altar without a lamb.

I carry my bundle of sticks

As he holds on to the knife.


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