She’s always following me, where-ever I go
Holding my shirt, when-ever I walk

She is always there, like a nagging wife

Beautiful though she is:

She’s always capturing my attention.

Always whispering in my ear

Reminding me of the dark trodden paths

The hard falls in the past

Gossiping about the so and so that’s better than me

The path they take that I can’t

The lives they live that I couldn’t.

With a sinister smile, she mentions:

My past falls,

Lets me realise: my present fall,

Says ‘I told you’

As she predicts the next fall.

If only it weren’t right!

But she’s frowning now:

She knows I’m planning to get rid of her,

To wake up one morning and take off before dawn

Or to drop her in the city and leave her there

She looks into my eyes seductively

“I’ll always be with you”

She says

“Hold you tight and kiss you right!”


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