Unforbidden Love

Today is my 16th birthday.

Actually I’m not too sure,

Aunt C ‘celebrates’ the years we’ve been here,

Here at the ‘Liberated Children’s Centre’.

She tells me of my mum

“She was 16 when she brought me

Her grandma’ sent her away immediately I was born

Didn’t have money to take care of two illegitimate kids!

And school could have her no more.”

As for dad, he had to finish his studies,

Only now it had to be, abroad!


John is my best friend

We even have our birthday together,

Only he’s not 16.

He and his twin sister were found in a garbage heap.

Aunt C says their mother had probably been raped,

That’s the situation with such cases:

“How will you look at the children?”

She says it’s easier nowadays

“Abortion was not legal then!”

And it was hard to get rid of unwanted pregnancies

Like me and John were.

Today, it would have been much easier to deal with us.


My mum stopped visiting when she got that job

She said she’s always on call

Working for a rich woman

In a big house in the suburb

They are many of them: young girls, she says.

Most of the time they are receiving guests

And often she has to be with them.

Sometimes they actually get to act.

My ma’ features in real movies!

She might even fly out someday…

Way-to-go ma’!


John’s Sister Sue

Died two months ago,

She was then living with her new foster parents

Bob and Greg

They took her in about a year ago

Soon after the ‘freedom of marriage movement’ got its way,

And they were equally saddened by her sudden death.

“They gave her all the fatherly love that they could.”

She left behind a month old daughter

I’m sure she’ll get some fatherly love too.


John’s always sneaking out of the centre

He says it’s better out there

He keeps boasting of his two girlfriends.

I tell him polygamy is forbidden.

I read about that in books:

The white missionaries said that to our ancestors.

John says that’s a lie,

One of his girlfriends is actually white.

She likes being far from her family while on holiday

And has promised to marry John

When he turns twenty,

And buy him a house at the beach!


Now Cathy and Susie are here

Aunt C has been telling me about them

They applied to take me to their home

My new home,

Sweet ladies, they are

Just got married the other day

And they felt it’s time to get themselves a child

One who’s not too young to cry at night

One who can walk and take care of himself

One who can do some jobs here and there

And it had to be a boy!

Susie’s been winking at me since they arrived

And Cathy just can’t stop rubbing my back

I guess they can’t wait to take me home

I’m only sad I’ll miss my friend John.


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