On my knees, naked, pleading, praying, hoping, that this darkness shall pass.


The disowned art…

This is so Awesome!!

Little miss obsessive's anatomy!!

Ended up writing a short story on a woman suffering from mental illness…Guess 2am brings out the dead writer in me…

Don’t waste your time staring at me, she said

I’ve got nothing better to do, he said

What do you see, she demanded

Well you certainly aren’t a piece of art, he grinned

Then why don’t you find yourself a museum, she growled

I did only it has the damaged goods on display, he raised his eyebrow

Why don’t you walk away then, she enquired

In that rusted piece of you lies a magnet field, he complained

The sun is making you spit nonsense, she muttered

Your eyes I’m talking about your eyes, he pointed

What about them, she questioned

Even behind a dead soul they shine so bright & blinding, he smiled

What is your name, she smiled back

Albert, he smoothen his tie

Well Albert you’re doomed…

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To be Alive

I shall not tell a tale of woe But that of wisdom My spirit glows red burning with yearning for… ‘wait, is it fulfilment? Happiness? Love? Community? Desire? …sex?!’ …aah! – Motion! For that force that bears change To be free of weakness and folly To sore the universe Surpass the stars To discover myself! … Continue reading To be Alive

Stories we shall tell

Once there was a time When flowers bloomed When the ocean mirrored the sky And the birds sang   Once there was a time When men walked straight When women laughed with joy And work bore fruit   Once there was a time When love was real When virtue ideal And truth-could-be-told   Once there … Continue reading Stories we shall tell

Life Dynamics

Wisdom, that leads to Action, that is a Service, which derives from Magnanimity, that lives for Duty, whose motion is Struggle, but in the end… Reward.

Unfinished verses: The story of my life (…or Muddled Thoughts)

1. I want to say something I know not what. And when and where Is but a dream about a dream: To stand before the crowd To look into your eyes To speak to her heart I want to, I dream…   2. I walk a lonesome spirit Always void of myself Catching the voice … Continue reading Unfinished verses: The story of my life (…or Muddled Thoughts)

The Key…

The Wanderer's Thoughts...


The key to my heart
You found
Keep it safe with you
You are the only one for me you know,
How I feel in love with you always
I was lost and found by you
Don’t wanna loose you again…

~ Dakshi~

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Wandering Mara

1. Get a very sharp knife.
2. And a lemon.
3. Slice the lemon with the sharp knife.
4. Take the piece of lemon that you’ve sliced with the sharp knife.
5. Lick it continuously.
6. Go to the refrigerator.
7. Open it and stare inside then close it.
8. Sigh…loudly.
9. Stare into space.
10. Browse on ideas to kill boredom.
11. You’ll be surprised at how many suggestions there are.
12. You’re not surprised at how little they apply to someone in Kenya.
13. That keeps you occupied for a bit.
14. You browse for recipes and find one for stew.
15. You don’t have all the fancy ingredients indicated but you make stew anyway.
16. It’s good stew.
17. Great stew.
18. Sigh…loudly.
19. Practise kissing on the back of your hand.
20. Stop before someone catches you.
21. Trim your nails.
22. You notice your goodlooking…

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Man’s Wisdom

In the beginning Was the word And the word was earth And the earth was with man                                Whose creative force Sought for meaning. Man planted on the earth Crops and buildings He grew them Machine and animals He fed And … Continue reading Man’s Wisdom

Of The Love That Would’ve Been

I look for truth in your eyes Measure the depth of your heart I seek the wisdom from your lips I desire the tenderness of your flesh To feel the firmness of your touch And dream of the love that would’ve been.       Playlist: Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me